Facts & History

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) was established on 24th, September in 1997. During the past 15 years of development, our Faculty is a key center of Ton Duc Thang University for training and for scientific research with high quality and multi discipline. 

It currently offers three undergraduate programs including: Sociology, Social Work, Vietnamese studies (Tour – guide training). In addition, the Faculty is responsible for giving lectures on Marxism – Leninism and HCM’s thought and Supporting skills to students of all disciplines on campus.

Sociology Department

The sociology area covers the main issues confronting sociology as a discipline that seeks cross-cultural understanding about human sociality. There is a mix of general and specific issues in this area. 

Our Faculty is now preparing to offer two - years Sociology Master program. We accept students from a huge range of personal and academic backgrounds. We are appreciated diversity, and accept many international students. An undergraduate major in sociology is not required.

Vietnamese studies Department

The Vietnamese study program equips students with specific knowledge and job-specific technical skills for the Hospitality & Tourism such as human resources, tour operation and marketing skills…

Social Work Department

Social work is the overarching goal of social change, getting the human relations problem solved, enhance power and increased the freedom of man to make their life more comfortable. Applying the theory of human behavior and social systems, social work intervene in the point of interaction between people and their environment. Human rights and just society are the first principles of the social work. Social work is a profession in the modern society, therefore, the labor market - employment of this sector is very large.

Supporting skills area

Supporting Skills area was established under the Decision No. 503 /2014/TĐT-QĐ by the President of Ton Duc Thang University dated April 21st ,2014. With the main task of teaching skills courses to students throughout the school. Currently the Supporting skills area in charge of five subjects: Learning methods in university, Communication skills in university environmental, Teamwork skills, Writing and presentation skills, Negotiation and bargaining.

With the goal of supporting students with the knowledge and the basic practical skills to distinguish themselves when working in business/organizations and meet increasingly demands of domestic labor market and integration.

Lecturer of Supporting skills area from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ton Duc Thang University. In addition, enterprise and economic consortiums constructors whose have experience and practical knowledge will share knowledge/practical skills for learners. 

Political theory area

From the year of 2007 to the present:

This is a period of strong development of the university in terms of quantity and quality. During this period there have been major changes, radical reform of education in the subjects of the Division Marxist- Leninist education and training. From 5 previously independent disciplines (Marxist - Leninist Philosophy, Marxist - Leninism political economy, Scientific Socialism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, History of Communist Party of Vietnam) are integrated, changes structure and content into 3 subjects: The basic principles of Marxism - Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, Revolutionary ways of Communist Party of Vietnam. 



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