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There are departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, as follows

1/ Department of Sociology

The Sociology training program is designed to provide students with interdisciplinary knowledge in the social sciences relevant to the curriculum of the National University of Singapore (NUS). Students in Sociology are directly involved in the implementation of scientific research projects at the provincial level, department level. In the course , students are trained in a range of basic occupational skills such as conducting research and analyzing data, effective communication, critical thinking, look at social phenomena/issues from a global perspective. Graduates can do survey - one of the eight freelance occupations in the labor market of the ASEAN Economic Community.

Area Dean: Associate. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Mai

 2/ Department of Tourism

Management Tourism

The curriculum is designed based on the curriculum of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Students of tourism specializations are offering to practice, go for an internship not only in the country but also abroad. The program has many new subjects, modern, suitable with the development of society and meet the needs of international integration, equipping with in-depth knowledge of how to manage tourism, planning and implementing tourism services. They will help students gain knowledge, skills and confidence in the domestic business environmen as well as in the multicultural environment.The faculty has a simulation room where students have the opportunity to access the professional issues of travel and tourism companies.

Tourism and Travel

The Vietnamese Studies program in Tourism and Tourism equips students with basic knowledge as well as in-depth knowledge of Vietnam's culture, history, geography, socio-economy and travel management. At the same time, they will be trained with the professional skills of tour operators including tour guides, tour operators, tour operators, tour operators and tour operators. This will help students to be able to deal with issues related to the tour and to create career-relevant professional skills in the region to meet the needs of the society. The curriculum is designed based on the advanced curriculum of Seneca University (Canada).

Area Dean: Msc. Nguyen Hieu Tin

3/ Department of Vietnamese Study, major in Vietnamese Language, Culture and Society

The Bachelor Program of Vietnamese Studies (Specialization in Vietnamese Language, Culture and Society) is designed for foreign students who wish to acquire Vietnamese language skills and understand Vietnamese culture and society.
The program provides comprehensive knowledge of the language, country and people of Vietnam, including Vietnamese language skills (theory and practice) and both traditional and modern Vietnamese culture.
It has many courses that reflect the social development and meet international needs.
The program also offers communication skills, work skills (such as teamwork and event organisation), and extracurricular activities to help students acquire knowledge and self-confidence and integrate in a multi-cultural environment.

Area Dean: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Hue

3/ Department of Social Work

The training program is designed similarly to the National University of Singapore (NUS) which is ranked 13th in the world for training in social work. Students will IASSW International Standards Training (International Association of Social Work Training Schools). Social work students will have opportunities to improve their professional skills through training sessions with local and foreign experts (UNICEF, FULLBRIGHT, etc.).

 Area Dean: Dr. Le Hai Thanh

4/ Supporting skills area

Supporting Skills area was established under the Decision No. 503 /2014/TĐT-QĐ by the President of Ton Duc Thang University dated April 21st ,2014. With the main task of teaching skills courses to students throughout the school. Currently the Supporting skills area in charge of five subjects: Learning methods in university, Communication skills in university environmental, Teamwork skills, Writing and presentation skills, Negotiation and bargaining.

With the goal of supporting students with the knowledge and the basic practical skills to distinguish themselves when working in business/organizations and meet increasingly demands of domestic labor market and integration.

Lecturer of Supporting skills area from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ton Duc Thang University. In addition, enterprise and economic consortiums constructors whose have experience and practical knowledge will share knowledge/practical skills for learners. 

Area Dean: Dr. Tang Huu Tan

5/ Political theory area

From the year of 2007 to the present:

This is a period of strong development of the university in terms of quantity and quality. During this period there have been major changes, radical reform of education in the subjects of the Division Marxist- Leninist education and training. From 5 previously independent disciplines (Marxist - Leninist Philosophy, Marxist - Leninism political economy, Scientific Socialism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, History of Communist Party of Vietnam) are integrated, changes structure and content into 3 subjects: The basic principles of Marxism - Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology, Revolutionary ways of Communist Party of Vietnam.

Area Dean: Dr. Pham Thi Thanh Huyen


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