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In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of modern research, we have two traditional academic research areas, as follows:

* Department of Sociology

The Sociology program has gradually met the human resources demand of social research institutes, social work organizations, policy – making bodies, and public administrative institutions, etc … This is achieved by using various forms of curricular and extra – curricular activities including the use of multimedia facilities, e – lectures and other visual supports for academic purposes.

Sociology in Ton Duc Thang University is concerned with real-world issues with policy relevance. It particularly priorities to research questions for the following topics

  • Social stratification;
  • Social Effects of Economic Activities;
  • Social Relationship in working place;
  • Community Development,
  • Equal Gender, Employment, Social Integration …


* Department of Vietnamese Studies (tour-guide training):

 The tour guide program provides for tourism companies qualified personnel with specialist competencies, in-depth knowledge of the sector and geared to innovation and change. Students will develop an understanding of the theory and research on the Hospitality & Tourism industry such as

  • Tourism and sustainability      
  • Project management in tourism
  • Community Based Tourism
  • Tour operations management


* Department of Social work

Social work is the overarching goal of social change, getting the human relations problem solved, enhance power and increased the freedom of man to make their life more comfortable. Applying the theory of human behavior and social systems, social work intervene in the point of interaction between people and their environment. Human rights and just society are the first principles of the social work. Social work is a profession in the modern society, therefore, the labor market - employment of this sector is very large.

Social work in Ton Duc Thang University equipping students for elementary knowledge, rudiments, specialized on social work, such as:

  • Consulting skills   
  • Teamwork skills
  • Conflict skills
  • Advocacy skills
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